Parga in Greece


With rugged mountains, hidden heavenly bays, and numerous traditional villages of unique architecture, Parga and Western Greece in general, await visitors who wish to explore areas with unparalleled natural beauty and enjoy exciting activities.

Guests will meet a different Greece at these crossroads of civilization and landscapes in Western Greece, between the Pindos mountain range and the Ionian Sea. Impressive mountain peaks, breathtaking gorges, rare plants and animals, lakes, rivers and dazzling beaches complement the ancient ruins of Dodoni and dozens of mediaeval castles, monasteries, arched bridges and stone-built traditional villages, creating an area of endless attractions.

The destinations are many and varied, providing a wide range of options for holidays all year round. From the picturesque Zagorohoria, Metsovo and the Tzoumerka, to the historic city of Ioannina, the awe-inspiring Meteora and the popular resorts of Parga and Syvota, Epirus welcomes both international and domestic travelers and invites them to meet the myriad faces of Western Greece.

Nature of Parga


Apart from the gorgeous sceneries, visitors in Epirus will be acquainted with a different pace of life and amazing people, who blend in with the land. The mindset of people here has been strongly affected by the region’s unbelievably rich history, as proven by the plethora of historic monuments: the archaeological site of Dodoni, the Roman Nikopolis and the Oracle at Efyra, the castle and the Byzantine museum in Ioannina, the monasteries on the Island in the Lake and in Zagorohoria, are among the places that introduce visitors to the local culture.

This culture also emphasizes traditional workmanship in crafts of all kinds, from the delicate art of silversmith to stone masonry, evident in traditional villages called “poetry in stone”: Metsovo, villages in the Zagoria district, and Syrrako and Kalarrytes in Tzoumerka are not to be missed! Moreover, the arched stone bridges of Kalogeriko, Plaka, Konitsa and Arta are worth a visit.

Last but not least, this region has exceptional traditional gastronomy; the local dairy products and feta cheese, delicious meat dishes, and home-made pies with various stuffing, are renowned throughout Greece.


Between the two beautiful cities of Parga and Syvota, Epirus has a polymorphic coastline composed of sandy and pebble beaches, green hills and emerald waters. There are both isolated beaches and tiny bays, where visitors will enjoy tranquility and privacy, as well as organized beaches offering all contemporary amenities.

Water sports and submarine adventures are available in organized beaches, along with beach bars, taverns, and cafeterias. In most cases, hotels, villas and apartments are situated around the area’s gorgeous beaches, allowing visitors to plan perfect summer holidays and enjoy life on the beach.

Among the beaches that are not to be missed are Lichnos and Valtos clost to Parga, Gallikos and Bella Vraka close to Syvota, and Monolithi and Kastrosykia close to Preveza. Of course there are many more beaches than those aforementioned, and visitors may have to explore quite a few before discovering their personal favorite!

Last but not least, travelers may alternatively visit Acheron River, and enjoy trekking and swimming in its crystal waters!